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Used in an essential oil diffuser or in steam inhalations, it is excellent for the relief of coughs and congestion due to colds, hay fever and more.

It is a strong, anti-infectious and head-clearing blend of pure essential oils.

Health Benefits Serves to relieve respiratory and nasal congestion.

Its strong anti-infectious qualities help to kill bacteria and viruses causing an infection.

Diffused into room environments, it will help to purify the air, killing disease-causing bacteria, moulds and viruses.

What's in the Essential Oil? Australian native essential oils. Eucalyptus Australiana | Eucalyptus Blue Gum | Peppermint Gum | Tea Tree | Lemon Myrtle

Additionally, Breathe Easy Blend contains Cold-pressed Lemon oil, True Peppermint and Spearmint essential oils, all to help open the sinuses and relieve congestion.

Directions of Use For inhalations: Add 5-8 drops to an essential oil diffuser. Place your face close to the diffuser and inhale deeply for ten to fifteen minutes. This can be done two to three times per day.

Diffuse 5-8 drops of Breathe Easy Blend in a bedroom throughout the night.

Apply to a facial tissue or a cotton face mask and then breathe the essential oil vapours on and off during the day.

Additional: For applying to the body: Breathe Easy Blend is gentle enough to be applied to the skin undiluted or it can be diluted with an equal amount of a good vegetable oil to stop any potential skin irritation.

Along with inhalations, you can apply Breathe Easy Blend to your upper chest and upper back to help with congestion and infection.

For children under twelve years of age, dilute Breathe Easy Blend further before applying to the body. This can be using one part Breathe Easy Blend to four parts vegetable oil (20% Breathe Easy Blend) down to one part Breathe Easy Blend to nine parts vegetable oil (10%) for children under three years of age.

For a healing bath: Fill the bath and then add 5 to 8 drops of Breathe Easy Blend to the bath water.

Mix the surface of the water to make sure it is dispersed.

The essential oils in the bath will penetrate the skin to some degree and the warm bath water helps to evaporate some of the essential oil to release their aroma.

Alternatively, you can also mix in 5 to 8 drops of the Breathe Easy Blend to 1 or 2mL of a good quality vegetable oil (such as Apricot Oil) first and then mix into the bath water.

This method prevents any small risk of skin irritation from undiluted essential oils and adds the benefits of a vegetable oil on your skin.

Who Are We Amrita Court has one of the strongest technical teams in Australia. Our Chief Aromatherapist, Ron Guba and his team brought in over 40+ years of research and practical experiences in formulating essential oil blends for holistic health and skincare.

Ron is Australia’s leading authority and proponent of aromatherapy and aromatic medicine. He has studied and practised therapeutic use of essential oils and nature extracts as a form of potent herbal medicine since 1980’s.

Ron was a founding member and past Chairman of International Federation of Aromatherapists (Australia). He has also lectured extensively throughout Australia and internationally on aromatic medicine, truly natural cosmetic principles and various other complementary medicine topics.